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My Personal Promise To You

At Gold4Money we’ve paid thousands of satisfied customers Top Dollar for their Gold & Silver. If you find a higher nationally advertised price we’ll beat the difference by 150%. If you’re unsatisfied in any way simply return your payout (within 10 days) and we will immediately return your items with no obligations and no questions asked… That is my promise to you.

Andrew Stevens
Director Of Operations


Q: How much will you pay for my gold? A: We will pay top dollar for your gold items, in cash. Each item will be appraised by us, and then confirmed by you. Check out our gold price chart

Q: What types of Gold Jewelery do you buy? A: We buy all gold jewelry and scrap gold, as well as Platinum and Palladium. Click here to see exactly the items we buy.

Q: I live in Toronto or The GTA, How do I sell my gold? A: Simply call 416.468.4653 (416.GOT.GOLD) or email us today. We will book a private appointment for you to come in personally so we can pay top dollar for your unwanted gold jewelry and scrap gold.

Q: I live outside of the GTA, how do I sell my gold? A: Just contact us via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you. Or simply fill out our request form to quickly receive your GoldXpress Kit in the mail and simply send us your items. Shipping is free and insured!

Q: Is the GoldXpress Kit free? A:Yes! It’s absolutely free with no obligation to send your gold items after ordering it.

Q: How do I use my GoldXpress Kit once I have received it? A: Your GoldXpress Kit will arrive to the address you have provided on your online request form. It will include the following contents.

1. Your custom, bar-coded, insured and trackable, return CanadaXpressPost envelope as well as tracking receipt and our mailing address pre-printed on the package.
2. A thick padded bag, which will safely hold your gold jewelry and scrap gold items.
3. A personal set of instructions from us on how to how to pack and send your gold items.
4. An informational form for you to complete and return back in your package.

It’s simple. Just fill out the informational form, put your gold items in our secure return bag, place both the bag and form in the Pre-Addressed, padded envelope, and drop it in the mail. We pay the postage and insurance. It’s just that easy!

Q: Do I have to use my GoldXpress Kit or can I send my gold items myself? A: If you prefer to send the items yourself, instead of waiting for our GoldXpress Kit, here are the instructions

Q: Is my GoldXpress Kit insured if it gets lost? A: Yes. In the extremely unlikely occurrence that your package is lost in the mail, you are insured up to $100.00 CDN by Canada Post as described in our Terms & Conditions. It is your responsibility if you would prefer to have have your items insured for more.

Q: What do you need to know about my item? A: Simply fill out the information form we provide as best you can. If you don’t have the specific information we request, that’s fine. We will appraise each item and inform you of your gold items Karat and Weight.

Q: How do I find out what karat my gold is? A: Look for Hallmarks. Hallmarks are stamped imprints on the jewelry that indicate its Karat. They are usually stamped on the inside of rings and on inconspicuous surfaces (such as clasps or earring backs). A "GF" hallmark indicates “gold-filled” which is of very low value. Items will still need to be acid tested to determine their true Karat. Most items are stamped for display purposes only.

Q: I'm not sure if my item is gold, or simply gold plated? A: Costume jewelry is usually gold plated and is of very low value. An easy way to test this is to scratch the item with an emery board and put severaldrops of white vinegar on the surface. If it turns colour, it's gold plated.

Q: How can I be sure I will be paid for the gold items that I send? A: Here at Gold4Money, our business is solely built on customer satisfaction. It is our number one priority to maintain a good reputation with everyone we do business with, in order to build trusting relationships with our valued customers for the future. You can rest assured that we will pay you top dollar for your gold jewelry and scrap gold.

Q: I’ve had an appraisal already done on my item, will you pay me the same amount? A: We will pay the wholesale value for your items, not the tag price, invoice or appraisal value that was given to you by the original jewelry store or insurance company.Generally, an appraisal is not a real measurement of an items value because it represents the 50%-75% markup in price set by the retail store. Our policy is too appraise each item in front of the customer and give you a fair price value. An appraisal can vary depending on its date, as the prices for gold changes everyday.

Q: My item comes with an insurance appraisal, will you pay me the same amount? A: Appraisals are for insurance purposes only. They are set higher than what the true value of your item really is. We pay current market prices of the material, while Insurance companies will pay your for sentimental and loss purposes as well. We will always appraise each item in front of you and give you a fair and honest offer always to your benefit.

Q: Why is my offer less than what I bought it for? A: Jewelry mark up their item prices to include costs such as rent, advertising, insurance and profit.

Q: Are there any types of gold jewelry you do not buy? A: We do not buy plated gold jewelry. If your item is stamped with the following markings please do not ship them to us.
GE / GF: Gold Filled RGP: Rolled Gold Plate HGE: Heavy Gold Plate GS: Gold Shell GP: Gold Plate
These markings are found after the hallmark. EG. 10K GF - We will no purchase any of the items listed above. If you aren’t sure, you may send the items in for testing.

Q: Do you buy Gemstones? A: We do not purchase Gemstones. They will not be included in the weight of the gold. Please remove them before shipping if you wish to keep them. We can be referred Diamonds to another business that will purchase them.

Q: What if I’m not happy with my payment, can I get a refund? A: We’re confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our payment to you. Our offers are so competitive, for your gold jewelry and scrap gold, that if for any reason you are unhappy with the payout you’ve received, simply send it back to us within 10 days (No Later) of the date on the cheque. Or send us a payment through PayPal equivalent to the cheque that we’ve sent you. After 10 days your gold items will be removed from our holdings and shipped to a refinery. If you are concerned that your cheque will not arrive to us in time, simply let us know and we’ll hold your items for you for several additional days. Please note we will charge $15.00 for shipping and handling if you request your gold items returned.

Q: Can you call or email me before you send out my payment? A: Yes. Once we receive the package and appraise your gold items, we will contact you via telephone or Email with our offer. You may accept or decline. Please note that if you accept, it will be considered a legally binding, verbal contract and we will not be able to return your payment to you.

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Great service, a very nice gentleman helped me with everything.  Good to have some extra money in the bank instead of broken jewelry collecting dust.  Thank you, I hope this letter will help spread the word of your great service.

Sally S. - Dartsmouth, NS

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